Carpet Tiles...as YOU want them

QREATILE® is a totally unique concept from IMEX
- Low Volume (50sqm)
- Bespoke Design
- Online design App
- You qreate your design
- We qreate your design
- Design by atmosphere
- Design a whole room
- Colour matching (NCS)
- Tufted, Bitumen backed
- Wear Class 33, 10 year warranty
- Reasonably low cost
- Prototype services
- No yarn, tufting, backing delays
​- Delivery within days

The added value goes on, and so does out commitment to continual improvement. There is no other service out there like Qreatile...challenge us!

Firstly, what is the exact feeling, mood or atmosphere that you or your client is trying to qreate in every area and workspace? What are the client's values and corporate image and how can this be portrayed and felt? What is the human flow throughout the project? What is the intended experience within the space?
Our passion for adding value with support and intergrated networking around these qreations you should find truly stunning.  We are so excited to bring you the latest carpet tile design technology, production and built in customer value and satisfaction. 
Conventionally, hunting through hundreds of sample books from dozens of dealers, back at the office, with often outdated designs was the grunt work of the specifiers day. Then choosing the design that is the closest to the wants.
Instead, QREATILE® gives the option to truly qreate your design, from concept, to completion, alongside your client wherever they are. Our passion is to seamlessly connect client satisfaction, architect qreativity, and align production and delivery. Now that really is Qreative!
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